Wet Edge Technologies Pool Finishes

Wet Edge Technologies has created the most innovative swimming pool finishes in the industry.

These cutting-edge aggregate finishes are durable and beautiful at the same time. All Wet Edge finishes are handcrafted and custom-made for each swimming pool. Each finish is white cement based, but with blended polymers to make them denser and more durable. Now that we know what sets Wet Edge apart from traditional plaster pool finishes, let's take a look at the differences in each of the Wet Edge finishes.

Altima: This is the Wet Edge plaster line. Fortified cement is blended with 35% quartz to increase its strength. Altima has the classic smooth look and feel of a plaster finish. Pigment, colored quartz, or both can be added to create color options. However, maintenance will be higher, i.e. more brushing and balance checking, because of the extra cement in the mix versus that of some of the other finish lines. But the higher cement volume in the mix makes for a good price point.

Luna Quartz: This is an exposed aggregate finish, which means that excess cement is removed during the application process. The more excess cement you remove from the finish during plastering, the fewer the issues. For that reason, Luna Quartz will have fewer issues than Altima, but more than any of the Matrix lines. Luna Quartz finishes contain natural quartz. All of the quartz is a fine size which makes it end result smooth to the touch. They also contain silveressence which gives them a glittery sparkle in the sunlight. Luna Quartz will also have a good price point, since there is still a fairly high ratio of cement.

Pearl Matrix/Satin Matrix: Both of these finishes are exposed aggregate pebble products. The only difference between the two are the size of the aggregate. Pearl Matrix contains a larger pebble size, and Satin Matrix has smaller pebbles. Both have larger aggregate content (which means less cement) than Luna Quartz. This makes for fewer issues down the road, but a higher price point for installation. These pebble finishes are textured, which can be considered to be better or worse than smooth plaster. It just depends on your preference. However, Wet Edge only uses smooth round stones - not crushed, which means a more seamless and polished texture.

Primera Stone: These finishes are really the best of both plaster and aggregate. Wet Edge sources special stones that can be buffed down during installation to achieve a completely even surface. The end result resembles beautiful granite. You get the look of an aggregate finish with the smooth texture of plaster. Increased quality materials means a higher price point. However, with Primera Stone you will enjoy the best longevity because you are able to literally polish away problems to completely restore the finish.

Prism Matrix: These are the finishes to pick if you really want your pool to have that "Wow" factor. Prism Matrix finishes have all the benefits of the Pearl and Satin, but more eye candy! Smooth round glass is added into the mix in addition to the pebbles. This improves the texture of the stones, while adding dazzling depth to the color. These will have a higher cost because of the materials and installation process, but it is well worth it. You won't have to worry about remodeling or renovations for a very long time.

No matter which Wet Edge product you settle on, you're going to have a handcrafted, durable, and beautiful finish. Wet Edge finishes are the ultimate choice for any pool! Contact Grand Isle Pools for any swimming pool questions or quotes.


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